Controller ISA 16 bit (1991)

PC Boards – Controller ISA 16BIT HDD+FDD+RS232+Parallel

ISA 16 bit controller. This board was a multifunctional board in use before hard disk and floppy disk controllers where integrated onto the motherboards; same as for serial and parallel ports.

The board had a:

  • IDE hard disk (HDD) controller (up to 2 hard disk using a cable with double connector)
  • Floppy disk (FDD) controller (handled by NEC765 chip)
  • 2x RS232 serial ports (with faster 16C450 chip, not 8250); the first serial port connector was on the bracket together with parallel port; the second serial port could be exposed via a second bracket which occupied another slot on the back of the computer case. I/O mapped ports for the RS232 where usually 0x3F8 and 0x3E8
  • Parallel port to connect a printer. I/O mapped port for printer LPT1: was 0x378

Productor: –
Year: 1991
PCB text: 153-201500-00, S/N FI 072036 130M, JUKO QA PASSED 4/91

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