25 August 2022 By Julian Spina 0

Control Water Pump using ESP8266 ESP12E (DRAFT)

Goal: Safely control water pump from remote

Requirements: Obtain a clean/stable output voltage; Address potential problems (relay contact soldering); Use contactor to drive pump

Specifications: Water pump power requirement 880W; PCB input is 9VDC; AC relay control pin 5V; ESP8266 (actually it’s an ESP12-E) needs 3.3V; contactor is AC220V (both power and control pins); LM317 will step down the 9VDC input to 3.3V for ESP8266; an extra 7805 will provide power for the relay

Points to be checked: temperature (very hot in August in the loft), check relay and contactor temperature when coil is excited

Components: ESP8266, relay, 7b rated contactor

Photos: paper project for a stable variable DC-DC step-down; breadboard prototype; PCB prototype; PCB master; mounted project; simple web application

DC-DC LM317 Regulable Step Down

Test Step Down and ESP8266 (ESP12-E)

Project is Mounted!

Simple Web Application